The Wanderlust Ring

$235.00 $188.00

Introducing our exquisite Stiga ring, a symbol of adventure and exploration. Crafted with precision, this women's wedding band features a striking combination of Damascus steel and koa wood, with a captivating larimar stone accent. Just like a wandering spirit, this ring embodies the spirit of discovery and the allure of the unknown.

Pair it with our Stiga ring for a perfectly matched set that represents the journey of two souls intertwined. The larimar stone, reminiscent of the ocean's depth, combines harmoniously with the warm hues of the koa wood, invoking images of new lands waiting to be explored.

Embrace the spirit of the wanderer with our Stiga ring, a testament to your love and adventurous spirit. Unleash your inner viking and let this ring become a cherished symbol of your journey together. "The name has origins in Old West Norse Stígr, and derives from the word stiga, meaning 'wanderer'