Men's meteorite gold ring- solid meteorite men’s ring

$2,999.00 $2,449.00
The significance of wearing a meteorite ring is unparalleled. It allows the wearer to feel closer to the night sky than ever before as if it were providing them with a secret link to some far-off world. The symbolism of these rings is also incredibly powerful; it serves as a reminder of our place in this infinitely vast universe and the way in which we are all connected by an invisible force of energy and possibility.

-Made From Luxurious 18K Gold
-8mm wide
-Male Expression Designs
-Features High-grade Aletai Meteorite
-Meteorite is 4 Billion Years Old
-Struck Earth 65 Million Years Ago
-Crafted From The Finest Materials
-Hand-forged by a Master Jeweler
-Free, Fast Worldwide Shipping

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Experience a sense of tranquility and awe that only comes from knowing you hold a piece of a meteorite that is billions of years old and has seen the birth of worlds, the evolution of life, and the ebb and flow of time itself.