The Harmony Ring


Elevate your ensemble with the Resonance Ring, an ode to musical artistry and natural splendor. This ring, skillfully handcrafted, marries the warmth of red cedar wood with the soulful touch of a guitar string, all set within the enduring embrace of titanium.


Presenting the Resonance Ring - where craftsmanship harmonizes with nature's art.
Forged with durable titanium, chosen for its lightweight strength.
Adorned with red cedar wood, adding an earthy richness to the design.
Accented with a real guitar string, resonating with the music within you.
An ideal choice for wedding bands, musicians' tributes, or distinctive style statements.
Each ring sings a melody of the great outdoors intertwined with musical legacy.
8mm width

Carry a piece of music and nature's tranquility with you through this uniquely designed ring.

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Valued for its robust yet featherlight quality, titanium provides a perfect foundation for daily wear.

The chosen wood for its deep, soothing hues, bringing a touch of serene forests to your fingertips.

A symbol of harmony and passion, each string inlay tells a story of melodies played and yet to be discovered.

Crafted with heart in the USA, our rings celebrate the connection between artisanal skill and the allure of the wild.


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In our creations, materials are natural unless specified. Each ring may slightly differ from the images due to the individuality of these materials. For solid stone inlays, we utilize Tru-Stone, celebrated for its rich colors and durability, offering the elegance of natural stone with enhanced resilience. Our crushed opal rings feature Bello Opal, known for its vast color spectrum and the enchanting play-of-color akin to precious opals, ensuring both beauty and consistency in every piece.

Exchange & Return Policy:

Exchanges: Accepted within 14 days of receipt, subject to a $35 fee, due to all items being made to order.
Returns: Not standard; exceptions may incur a 25% restocking fee.
Manufacturer Errors: Issues within 6 months due to manufacturing will be fixed free. Post 6 months, issues cannot be attributed to manufacturing.
Wear and Tear: Damage not due to manufacturing offers a 40% discount on a new piece within 6 months. No coverage after this period.
Natural Variability: Expect variations in color and pattern, showcasing the unique beauty of each piece.
Contact us for specific instructions on exchanges or returns.