Tropical Breeze Koa Wood and Tungsten Wedding Ring

$169.99 $135.99

Beautiful Hawaiian koa wood and a large Larimar stone inlay. The koa wood shines amazing in the sun. The Larimar stone compliments that shine with it's light blue ocean wave look. If you can't enjoy Hawaii, at least you can enjoy the island on your finger. 

** Engraving is available for our rings. Please make sure the size is 100% accurate as we cannot exchange engraved rings.**
Please leave a message with your order if you would like an engraving and what you would like engraved.

It's time to outshine your rivals with this appealing piece of art. Crafted from the finest tungsten and larimar inlay.

Koa wood
Larimar inlay
Tungsten ring
Comfortable Fit
Scratch Resistant
Won't fade color
Made in the USA