Koa Wood and Hawaiian Waves

$199.00 $159.20

Embrace the tranquil charm of the Hawaiian islands with our Koa Wood Hawaiian Waves on Titanium Ring. This elegantly crafted ring presents a refined interpretation of our previous design, with a sleek titanium band and an even more prominent display of the luxurious Koa wood inlay. The subtle wave pattern, now delicately sized, whispers the timeless melody of ocean waves, beckoning a sense of peace and wanderlust.


  • Superior Materials: Fashioned with top-grade titanium and authentic Koa wood from Hawaii, renowned for its captivating grain patterns and robustness.
  • Refined Waves Design: The titanium band is etched with a subtle waves pattern, symbolizing both the raw power and serene grace of the ocean, imbuing the ring with a poetic beauty.
  • Optimal Comfort Fit: The ring's interior is expertly smoothed for a comfortable, all-day wear that feels as natural as a second skin.
  • Handcrafted Excellence: Every ring is hand-finished by skilled artisans, resulting in a unique piece that's a testament to human artistry and craftsmanship.


  • Distinctively Stylish: With its enhanced Koa wood presence and titanium elegance, this ring is a statement piece that captures attention without demanding it.
  • Cultural Resonance: The Koa wood inlay continues to symbolize Hawaii's rich heritage, offering an authentic connection to the island's spirit.
  • Adaptable Elegance: Suitable for any occasion, this ring's versatile design effortlessly transitions from casual to formal settings, adding a sophisticated touch.
  • Lasting Durability: Titanium's renowned strength ensures this ring will withstand the rigors of daily life, maintaining its allure for the years to come.

Bask in the refined beauty of the Hawaiian islands with our Koa Wood Hawaiian Waves on Titanium Ring. This ring represents a perfect synthesis of nature's grandeur and human creativity, all encapsulated in a design that speaks of timeless elegance.

  • Comfortable Fit
  • Handmade
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Water-Resistant
  • Fade-Resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made in the USA
  • Sleek Titanium Band
  • Genuine Koa Wood, sourced straight from Hawaii
  • 6mm Width pictured

Find your connection to the Hawaiian seas and skies with this exquisite ring, and let its waves of beauty wash over you.